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What is a Building System?

A building system is a highly engineered method of producing buildings or building components in an efficient and cost effective manner. The use of building systems is common in many different types of residential and commercial construction. A modular home is the culmination of one type of building system. Modular homes being as components; designed, engineered and assembled in the controlled environment of a modern factory sometimes hundreds of miles away from their final destination. After delivery to the job site, the components are erected on a permanent foundation, where the construction process is completed.

Tell me more about the Modular Home Building Process.

The building process begins at the design phase. At North American Housing Corp. we use state-of-the-art computer assisted design software to produce drawings and material requirement lists. Once designed, the building process begins. This process is similar to building on site. The quality materials and care for detail and the same building codes and standards are observed. So what’s different? Efficiency and quality control! Efficiency begins with modern factory assembly line techniques. Modular units are moved from work-station to work-station, where each of the building trades is represented. Work is never delayed by weather, subcontractor no-shows or missing material. Quality engineering and modular construction techniques significantly increase the energy efficiency of the modular units. Quality control processes provide assurance that the units have been inspected for code compliance and workmanship. In-plant inspectors as well as independent agencies inspect the units on behalf of your state and local government.

How long does it take to build a modular home?

Two of the many advantages for choosing modular components are speed and consistent quality. On the average, the modular units can be produced and delivered within 6-10 weeks. Erection and on-site completion will vary, but can be as little as two weeks.

What is the difference between the terms “Manufactured Housing” and “System’s-Built Modular Homes”?

According to the National Association of Home Builders, manufactured homes, sometimes referred to as mobile homes, are another type of building system and are constructed to a different building standard. This standard, the Federal Construction Safety Standards Act (HUD/CODE), unlike conventional building codes, requires manufactured homes to be constructed on a non-removable steel chassis. Many communities have restrictions on where manufactured homes can be located. System’s-built modular and site-built homes on the other hand, are constructed to the same building codes, those required by your state, county and specific locality and therefore are not restricted by building or zoning regulations for manufactured homes. Your new system’s built modular home is inspected at the assembly plant during each phase of construction. Evidence of this inspection is normally shown by the application of a state or inspection agency label of approval.

What do System’s-Built Modular homes look like?

System’s-built modular homes look like any other home. Today’s building technology has allowed manufacturer’s to build most any style of home from a single story rambler to a multi-story customized contemporary. And, it doesn’t stop with houses. System’s-built modular producers are busy building banks, schools, office buildings, motels and hotels. Chances are you’ve been in many modular structures and probably never realized it.

Is financing any different between site-built homes and System’s-Built Modular Homes?

No distinction is made between system’s-built modular homes and site-built homes as far as appraisal or financing. Banks and lending institutions treat both types of construction the same. Likewise, there is no difference in insuring the system’s-built modular home. Today, lenders recognize the value of system’s-built modular components as a viable alternative to traditional construction.


What is the cost?

When you add up all the labor, material and timesavings inherent in the modular building process, you will find that the cost to build a modular home is generally lower than a site-built home of comparable size.

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