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Interested in being a North American Housing builder?

Your choice to consider modular or “systems built” construction for your next project will allow you to take advantage of the many benefits offered by this efficient alternative to traditional site-built methods.

It’s important to make sure your modular supplier has appropriate business experience and construction expertise to help you effectively promote the product in your market. Our sales team is the best in the industry at helping you decide on the right product for your market and working through your questions about modular housing, marketing, selling and even subcontracting.

Modular construction defined

Many builders have a misperception that “modular” refers to a type or style of housing. Modular or “systems built” actually refers to a construction technique that can greatly enhance your efficiency and reduce your risk. With it, you can complete more homes and ultimately increase your profitability.

What we build

North American Housing offers a wide selection of single-family homes from townhomes, ranches and Cape Cod’s to two stories with a floor plan to fit the needs and budgets of every builder’s homebuyer. We also have the ability to build light commercial including condominiums, apartment buildings, banks, motels, schools, medical clinics and resorts.

Quality and construction methods

We encourage builders to tour our manufacturing facility’s and see our for themselves our innovative and quality construction as well as the national brand name cabinetry, bath fixtures, faucets, hardware, shingles and appliances used in our homes. One common reaction from builders is that we are simply stick building in a controlled environment.

Advantages of modular construction:

  • Quality control
  • Construction speed
  • Energy efficient structures
  • Less waste
  • Neighborhood friendly-reduces construction traffic and noise
  • Built to local building codes and approved by the State in which it delivers

Learn more about being a modular builder

Fill out the builder information request form and we will send you the “Builder’s Guide to Profitable Modular Construction.” This in-depth look at modular construction and the financial advantages of using this technology is a must-read for any builder who wants to learn how to successfully add profitability with less risk to their company.

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