Construction Process

Learn about your innovative engineering methods that's efficient and cost effective.

North American Housing, modular housing construction

Our building process begins at the design phase. At North American Housing, we use state-of-the-art computer assisted design software to produce drawings and material requirement lists. Once designed, the building process begins. This process is similar to building on site. The quality materials and care for detail and the same building codes and standards are observed.

Efficiency and quality control

Efficiency begins with our modern and cutting-edge factory assembly line techniques. Modular units are moved from work-station to work-station, where each of the building trades is represented. Because construction is within a climate controlled environment, work is never delayed by weather and is safe from vandalism.

North American Housing's innovative engineering and modular construction techniques significantly increase the energy efficiency of the modular units. Quality control processes provide assurance that the units have been inspected for code compliance and workmanship throughout the building process. In-plant inspectors and independent agencies inspect the units and ensure that our homes meet the very strict federal and local requirements.

At North American Housing, we ensure that our homes will meet your high expectations:

  • Stronger framing
  • Improved quality control
  • Minimized theft and vandalism
  • Less waste
  • Less weather damage
  • More stable pricing
  • Faster build out
  • Reduced costs
  • Better purchasing power
We take pride in our craftsmanship.